We are happy that everyone who uses our products recognise that they are getting a unique, high quality and handcrafted, stoneware piece, worthy of display in any home or business.

Starting in 2008, Semka set up a Ceramic Studio in her garage and released her first stoneware ceramic pieces.

She has participated in numerous potters’ markets, craftsmen’s fairs as well as exhibitions.

Ceramic Studio has continued to grow necessitating in a change of venue. Semka has now moved from her garage into her own studio space located in the well-known pottery village : Uzech les Oules in South-Western France.

Against all the traditional beliefs, Semka has created collections of fine, light and delicate stoneware ceramics inspired by nature.

She strongly believe’s in her extraordinary, handcrafted products. Each one made with care, love and with the goal of creating something that will be cherished and appreciated for a long time.